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     Los axis is China's "First Five" during the 156 key construction projects, one of the largest comprehensive bearing manufacturer, is one of the most extensive domestic products bearing size, use the widest coverage, most complete production base, and maintained a record number of Chinese bearing industry. Luo shaft bearings production of LYC brands included in the State "121 Plan" Famous protection, national key projects in the Three Gorges Project, Xiaolangdi project and the "Shenzhou" series of spacecraft, there are a LYC Bearing in operation, especially for "Shenzhou five "manned spacecraft supporting the successful operation of the bearing, by the China manned Space Engineering Office of recognition, is the only recognition of the bearing business. In 2002, the Los axis through the ISO2000 quality system certification, which is still the domestic automobile bearing production line first passed QS9000, VDA6.1 and ISO/TS16949 certification. LYC products are widely used in mining and metallurgy, railway vehicles, motorcycles, engineering machinery, machine tools, motors, medical equipment, national defense, aerospace and other fields.

     Los axis owns a national technology in the country ranked No. 85, 350 kinds of new products in development, design and manufacture according to user needs nine types, various levels of precision bearing more than 10,000 varieties, with a more complete product development, testing a new system of control and technical innovation, and a number of independent property rights.

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